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James Ross Wedding Host

Master of Ceremonies, Wedding DJ, Organiser & Coordinator

About James Ross Wedding Host

Wedding DJ at your wedding? Whoever you book will affect at least 80% of the experience and memories for yourselves and your guests. So here is where you can learn more about myself!

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James Ross

Hello, I'm James Ross,

I work full-time providing bespoke wedding entertainment services as a Wedding Host, Master of Ceremonies and Wedding DJ.

I'm 40 and was born in Ely in Cambridgeshire. I went to school and college there and my major school interests had a science bias but I also really enjoyed GCSE Drama.

My working life started at age 16 working for Waitrose at weekends and evenings whilst studying A levels at college. Applying for university seemed natural and I accepted a place at Aberystwyth University before taking a gap work where I worked full-time for Waitrose in a junior supervisor role.

1998 was the start of my Aberystwyth chapter! I spent almost ten years studying, living and working in this special coastal town on the Ceredigion coast of Wales. After finishing my course I went back to a life of retail and was quickly placed onto the management training path.

This took me in 2008 to the Midlands where I was offered promotion and a relocation package to Telford in Shropshire! This opened up a new side to my life as I came across Ceroc dancing which is a great way to socialise, keep fit, make friends and the easiest way to learn to dance!

Wedding Dorset 2013

Ceroc was my gateway to where I am now. Quite quickly my natural helpfulness was appreciated by the local franchise owner and I got deeply involved with event planning, hosting, setting up of special events and DJing.

July 2012 saw me accidentally take my first wedding booking! We were regularly holding Ceroc events at the Trinity Centre in Shrewsbury (Shropshire) and a young couple came along asking for advice as they were struggling to book a DJ who would work there due to the sound limiter in place. I explained and showed what we did and they asked if I would consider working for them!

Their wedding was July 2013 and was a great success. As of August 2017 I have completed over 160 bookings of which 89 have been weddings. Every single one has been a unique and special occasion with different people in different places.

Weddings are now my priority. I really enjoy working hard with the preparations to ensure that everything is perfect and making your day truly special.

From September 2017 I am based in North West London. My working area will vary and as a specialist I will be travelling to various parts of the UK to where couples need me.

Personal Interests

I love travelling and some places I've been to include China, USA, Luxembourg, France, Andorra, Tenerife, Ibiza and the Czech Republic.

Continuing Professional Development

Professionals routinely take part in CPD training and coaching. Even the most famous artists/singers/performers have coaches and mentors. I enjoy taking part in seminars and workshops with my peers and wedding entertainment industry experts as part of updating my expertise.

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